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Parenting is hard, but Parenting Wisely can help. This highly interactive course is designed by family and social scientists to equip parents like you with the tools necessary to engage your children in difficult family scenarios. Learn constructive skills proven to lessen drug and alcohol abuse in youth, school and homework problems, delinquency and other problem behaviors, family conflict, and more.

How Does Parenting Wisely Online Work?

PW Online is very user friendly and intuitive.
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Chapters included in Parenting Wisely Online:

Praise for Parenting Wisely

"Best Practice for Prevention of Youth Violence"

Center For Disease Control

Why Parenting Wisely?

Our goal is to equip Parents with the skills they need to improve family interactions. Our evidence-based course has been proven to reduce teen alcohol and drug use, reduce aggressive behavior, and improve family communication. Or curriculum was developed with over 30 years of science and study proving its effectiveness.

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What's included with my purchase?

24/7 access to the Parenting Wisely Online course for six months, plus your official Certificate of Completion.

Do I need an email address?

Yes. Each participant of Parenting Wisely Online will need a unique and valid e-mail address, and access to a device with high-speed internet.

Will it work on a Tablet or Smartphone?

Yes, and we recommend using the Google Chrome Browser app on these devices.

How long does the course take to complete?

Parenting Wisely Online usually takes users 3-5 hours to complete.

How many times can I log in and out?

As many times as needeed.

Is the entire course done online?

Yes. The course is 100% online.

What Web Broswer should I use?

All internet browsers are not created equal. Our program does not work with Internet Explorer or Safari browsers. The required browser for FW's Parenting Wisely is Google Chrome (for both Windows and Mac). Download Google Chrome free here.

Do you offer Agency Group Discounts?

Yes. Please call 1-866-234-WISE for information about agency group discount pricing.

Family Services Agency?

If you work for a family services agency, and are interested in offering Parenting Wisely as a service to your clients, please visit Family Works Inc for additional purchasing options.

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